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Link Description Length Validator

Today’s adventure is about custom validators. A feature I’m working on has a requirement that a link’s description must be no longer than 60 characters. I decided to look at the field validators that Sitecore comes with. The closest one I could find was the “Max Length 40” validator located at: /sitecore/system/Settings/Validation Rules/Field Rules/Sample/Max Length

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Sitecore Query Cheat Sheet

Since starting with Sitecore, I’ve had a copy of John West’s “Sitecore Query Cheat Sheet” Word Doc file on my hard drive, ready at a moment’s notice. It has been one of the most helpful documents I’ve found, and is pretty timeless. What is this document, you ask? Well, it contains some very helpful information

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Upgrading Sitecore 6.6 to .NET 4.5

Last week I had to update a Sitecore 6.6 site to .NET 4.5. The upgrade went just fine. After it was done, I flipped through the pages on the front end and everything looked fine. Next, I tried Sitecore to make sure everything was working. I clicked around the content editor for a good 15

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Sitecore Tips and Tricks: The Gutter

Sitecore’s content editor has a handy feature called the gutter. The gutter shows up on the left hand side of the content editor, and is a great way of showing information about a content item at a glance. Some handy things it can show you: Item Buckets Cloned Items Personalizations Multivariant Tests My Locked Items Locked

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Custom Product Sync Button

Today’s adventure is about custom ribbon buttons, asynchronous commands, and progress dialogs. One of my recent projects deals with a 3rd party integration with a PIM (Product Information Management) system and Sitecore. This is not a very heavy integration. The PIM is the system of authority when it comes to a product’s description, price, color options,

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Sitecore 8 Package Installer over HTTPS

Last week I was performing a deployment to our QA environment when I came across something odd. I was performing a routine content package install to Sitecore and all of the sudden I see “installation failed.” This particular package had been installed on 3 environments prior to QA, so I was confused. I dug into the logs to

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